If you found your way to this site then it is possible that you or a family member may be suffering from signs of depression or from circumstances that have left you feeling "not right." We are glad you made your way here! At Military Spouses of Strength you will find a group of military spouses who have joined together for information, resources, support and strength!

This is a safe place that can be a support system to get you through the times when you feel alone and confused. Know that you are important and valuable, use this site as a place to lean on and the resources to aid you in your journey to recovery.  You are not alone, let us be there for you!

We want to hear from you! MSoS has created the first of it's kind anonymous survey and we what to hear from you! This survey will help us bring your concerns about mental health and the need of more support within the military spouse community. The data will be used to determine needs of the community and where MSoS might be able to provide programming in the future. MSoS survey will only take all of 5 minutes. Please take part our survey or share with other military spouses.

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Milspouses building a place of strength, support and understanding of depression, while tearing down the walls of stigma.

Your donation will directly impact the availability of mental health resources, awareness initiatives, programming and operating costs needed to help support the mental needs of military families before, during and after they come home.

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A very therapeutic resource is sharing your story with others. Through blogging, you can share your story with others anonymously or openly. 

Mind, Body and Spirit

Duelism, from the Latin word duo, means the division of into two aspects; duality. The mind and body are not identical, therefore need separate things. Aristotle and Plato, are just two ancient philosophers who elaborated on this point of view. Duelism is a theory or system of thought that regards a domain of reality in terms of two independent principles, especially mind and matter. Duelism is also explained Biblically as the universe contains opposed powers of Good and Evil, balanced equals. Therefore, as our Mind and Body are two defferent beings, they have different needs. It is then important to take care of each, individually.

Taking care of our physical bodies is an important element in taking care of our whole selves. We need to listen to our bodies when they tell us they are in pain or not feeling well. We must excersise and eat well in order to maintain them.

Our bodies cannot work hard for us, if we don’t work hard on them. Our emotional well being is also an important factor. When our mind is in despair, it affects our physical selves. Although stress is a mental state, it can leave us with physical ailments. Tension headaches and stiff muscles are just minor ways that stress can affect our bodies.

Our mental health affects our physical body. Our physical body affects our mental health. As such, it is highly important to take care of both, as individuals.

How can we achieve this balance?  MSoS is here and will be providing resources and support to help with Mind, Body and Spirit that supports mental health for military families, caregivers and veterans.  Stay in touch, Get Involved and join us to stay informed of the most recent programs and support offered by MSoS!