Military Spouses of Strength is a national nonprofit organization with a mission

to improve the health and overall wellness within the military community.

MSoS Founder

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Liz's Story

Over the next year, Liz will be documenting her journey via the website blog and articles. She'll share the strength that she has discovered within herself and received from other military spouses. 

Meet Liz Snell

Liz is the founder of this initiative called Military Spouses of Strength (MSoS) .  The military life isn't easy and we know that military spouses are at a greater risk of  struggling with depression and/or anxiety.  She has looked at depression straight in the face and wants to help you and your find the strength to do the same with her  

Liz’s formative years were divided between Michigan, Indiana and Illinois but calls Michigan home.   

Liz is a dedicated Marine Corps spouse of 12 years and has over 10 years experience working and volunteering with organizations that address the needs in the military community.  She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from American InterContinental University and is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management and Leadership from Western Governor’s University. 

Her past positions include Family Readiness Advisor for  the Marine Family Readiness Program; mentor with Lifestyles Insights Networking Knowledge Skills ; Regional & Volunteer Services Coordinator for the American Red Cross SE Michigan chapter; and volunteer with the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society.

Liz and her family have endured 5 deployments to Japan, Iraq, and Afghanistan over the course of 12 years.  Like many military families, the periodic long term separations involved both sacrifice and challenge for both the deployed service member and the family remaining at home.   Her husband missed the birth of their second daughter due to deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and shortly thereafter, when he was assigned to Japan, their newborn daughter was diagnosed with a serious heart defect requiring considerable medical attention in his absence.

Liz presently volunteers many hours daily providing support and resources in areas of family readiness, educational scholarship opportunities, and career mobility and development which directly and indirectly impact hundreds of families both in the Michigan and San Diego area.   Additionally, she draws from her personal military spouse and work experiences to mentor and advise military families and spouses on identifying affordable housing; coordinating household goods movement; understanding the physical, emotional and psychological issues stemming from military deployment cycles; and refining job search and interviewing skills. She has been an inspiration to those she touches, challenging all to embrace deployments as opportunities to grow, flourish and give something back to the military and civilian community.

In 2013, she founded Military Spouses of Strength (http://milspousesofstrength.org), to provide information, support and give strength to other military spouses who maybe struggling with depression or mental illness.  She designed a  website that gives milspouses a place to get connected and be supported while changing the stigma that is associated with seeking help!

In 2012, she co-founded a non-profit organization, Military Spouses of Michigan (http://milspousemichigan.org/), dedicated to providing a network of military family support services including educational guidance, career development and legal assistance resources.

During the past three years, she has had the pleasure of meeting First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, numerous members of Congress, and military flag officers.  She has appeared on local television networks, and local and national newspapers.

She lives in the San Diego area with her husband, and their children.