Military Spouses of Strength is a national nonprofit organization with a mission

to improve the health and overall wellness within the military community.

Dr. Michelle Kees is an Assistant Professor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Michigan, and has dual Clinical and Research Without Compensation (WOC) appointments at the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VA). Dr. Kees has been involved with M-SPAN since its inception in 2008, and is the Principal Investigator for HomeFront Strong, a resiliency intervention for military spouses and children. She is also the Principal Investigator for PAVE, a peer mentorship program for student veterans, and a Co-Investigator on a Department of Defense longitudinal study examining risk and resiliency in National Guard soldiers and family members over the transitions of deployment. Her research interests center on risk and resiliency in military families, intervention development and evaluation, and community dissemination of effective treatments. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology at SUNY Stony Brook, completed a clinical internship at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL, and completed a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Center on Child Abuse & Neglect at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Michelle Keyes

Board Member