Military Spouses of Strength is a national nonprofit organization with a mission

to improve the health and overall wellness within the military community.

Sofa Talks Agreement

By completing the form you are in agreement and will follow per the line items below:

This is a support group with the purpose of sharing, listening, learning from and being supportive of each other. A support group is not a therapy group.

1. This is like Vegas. What happens here, stays here. We ask for your commitment to confidentiality. This is to protect your confidentiality as much as anyone else’s. The caveat here is; if you are a risk to yourself or someone else we will take measures to protect you and any other persons that may be in jeopardy.

2. All feelings are valid. Feelings are neither right nor wrong, good nor bad-they just are. We do not need to save people from their feelings. When feelings are heard with respect and empathy, people can begin to resolve these feelings. Remembering this will help to facilitate that this group is an emotionally safe place.

3. This group is a safe space for all religious and spiritual belief systems. Of course it is fine to share how your belief system may have been supportive and helpful to you, but do not “push” your belief system on others.

4. I understand that rules have been set forth to protect identity and confidentiality; however, because this is a Facebook group MSoS cannot guarantee that persons within the group will not copy and share information elsewhere.

5. If I am caught not adhering to any of the preceding I understand that I will be removed from the group.

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SOFA Talks (Spouses Offering Friendly Assistance) is a peer- to-peer support group. Where military spouses can get together and talk to one another about difficulties they may be facing. SOFA Talks is a closed Facebook group; therefore, any posts and/or comments will not be visible to those outside of the group. We ask that every member of the group read, agree to, and abide by the SOFA Agreements, which are rules and guidelines set-forth to create a SAFE place for open dialogue.

While MSOS has set forth these rules and guidelines we take no responsibility in breach of confidentiality. However, please note that each member will be vetted to ensure the military affiliation.


Peer to peer Sofa Talks